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International School in Unduru

International School in Unduru
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Lakshya aims to be a leading institution in international education which provides avenues for holistic development and creates globally responsible citizens.


LIS is a culturally rich mosiac which aims to prepare the Lakshyans to be knowledgeable, innovative, empathetic life long learners with inter-cultural understanding.


LEADERSHIP is action and example.
ACCOUNTABILITY for one’s own action and inactions.
KNOWLEDGEABLE with wit and humour.
SINCERITY as the key to success.
HONESTY in thought and action.
YOUTHFUL in heart and deeds.
AMBITIOUS to achieve the goals.


To Inspire

We motivate the students to meet the challenges with confidence and enthusiasm and also encourage them to become passionate, life-long learners within a diverse and supportive community.

To Educate

We provide the students with a balanced academic, sporting and aesthetic education and also to nurture supportive and constructive student-centered learning in an increasingly interconnected world.

To Enlighten

Lakshya fosters the development of responsible and caring world citizens which further empowers the students to succeed in an ever-changing world. We engage parents and the wider community in a meaningful and cooperative partnership.”

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Lakshya International School

Celebrates the culture of excellence in academics and the all-round development of your children with Lakshya.

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