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Value Education Programme

Value Education Programme
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Value education is rooted in Indian philosophy and culture and ingrained in every tradition of Indian culture. LIS plays a significant role in the promotion of value. Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Justice, Liberty Equality, Fraternity, Dignity of the individuals and integrity of the nation are the ideal conditions in the Constitution.

Our values in life must draw their inspiration from these ideals. We at Lakshya do put special emphasis on the following values in the formation of the character of the students: Efficiency, Good Temper, Cooperation, Integrity, Discipline, Need for Value Education, Moral awareness should be endorsed to orient the progress in science & technology towards the welfare of mankind.

Aims and Objectives of Value Education: Value education should aim at the development of values of the following type :

  • Scientific temper of mind.
  • large-heartedness.
  • Co-operation.
  • Tolerance
  • Respect for the culture of other groups.
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