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Student Exchange Programme – EDUJAPAN

Student Exchange Programme – EDUJAPAN
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In order to provide a cross-cultural exposure and a global perspective to the students. LIS has developed an extensive International and Domestic Student Exchange Network. The Exchange Programme has become increasingly popular with the students and nearly 25% of the batch gets a chance to spend some time at a partner institute. Efforts are underway to expand the programme further and enable an even larger number of students to avail of this unique opportunity. The students on the travel exchange programme benefit through interaction with a large number of overseas students spending time at LIS.

It is a short-term exchange programme is also known as Summer or cultural exchange programme. It focuses on homestays, language skills, community service or cultural activities. Secondary school and primary students can apply for the programme. A short-term exchange lasts from one week to a month. The students are exposed to an intensive programme that increases their understanding of other cultures, communities, and languages.

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