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Lakshya teaches the Benefits of sports for children

Is your child keen on pursuing sports? Lakshya, the best international school, explains why you should encourage kids to play sports and how sports will benefit them in the long run.  Only work and not playing sports make Jack a dull boy. You might have heard this saying often. But have you ever wondered how

Entrepreneurship education for students at Lakshya

Parents and educators often wonder - are they doing enough for children to be independent and be prepared for the future? Are they really challenged enough to go above and beyond? The answer to these questions is a learning environment that is dynamic and relevant enough to prepare children for opportunities ahead. Today, complex skills

Ways to enhance creativity in children

There is nothing more satisfying for children than to be able to express themselves, right? So, creativity is one of the most important skills that should be instilled in children. It helps to enhance your child’s natural curiosity and create their own journey of exploration and discovery. What’s more, it’s great fun! When children participate

Why Lakshya is the best school in Kakinada for your child

Are you searching for the best school in Kakinada? Then, Lakshya International School is the right choice to enroll your child. Here is why. In this fast-growing digital world, the change of pace in education is remarkable. Hence shaping the education to meet the current requirements is necessary. With this view, Lakshya, the top CBSE

9 Benefits of English Medium Education for Children

If English is not your child's mother tongue, English medium education is often the best option to help them excel in school. But why? English is one of the most spoken languages in India. It is used across all walks of life - administration, business, entertainment, and media. As a result, the English language has

Benefits of Teaching Phonics to Kids

As a parent, you want your child to grow in school and in life, but do you know that being a good reader is a crucial part of this success? Yes, the department of education recognizes phonics as a key element that helps children become successful readers.   Deploying a phonics program at an early

Tips that help your Child to Grow into an Independent Thinker

The purpose of education should not remain as the passing of knowledge from one source to the other. Instead, it should have the ability to give students the capacity to think independently and critically.  At Lakshya,  one of the best schools in Kakinada, we believe that it is imperative for each student to be able

Tips to Encourage Reading Habits in children

Reading is one of the most important skills children need to learn to be successful. Not only do good reading skills benefit students academically but also develop skills required for lifelong success.  But sadly, many of today’s kids prefer to watch TV or play video games rather than reading a book. This might be because

Why Are Hobbies Important in Child’s Learning and Development?

Do your children have hobbies? If not, it may be useful to help them find one. The concept of having a hobby is becoming old-fashioned for some, but in reality, hobbies in children play a major role in learning valuable life skills. A hobby if practiced and preached well can be an asset that helps

How Lakshya prepare students to be a global citizen

We are living in an increasingly interconnected world where local and global affairs intertwined with advanced technological improvements. This technological advancement has been changing the perspective of our thinking process, the way we access information, interact and learn collaboratively. These changes are increasing every day by bringing us in more intense contact with each other,

How to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

As parents, you generally do everything you can to keep your children safe and well. But what are you doing about their online safety? Children are using technology and internet-connected devices at younger ages than ever. Unfortunately, the risks and dangers associated with being online will not wait just because they are young. The most

Important tips to manage distraction in children

In today’s generation, one of the greatest challenges faced by parents is a distraction in children. Distracted children cannot use their mental ability to focus on a concept. To understand what brings distraction in children we need to look at the root cause of the problem. For children of today’s age have abundant choices when

How to Encourage and reward good behavior in children – Lakshya

Good and positive behaviour in children helps develop social skills that benefit them throughout their lives. With this view, Lakshya, one of the best international schools in Kakinada focuses on helping parents to encourage good behaviour in children that creates a positive atmosphere and changes negative behaviour. Let us see how children should be encouraged

Top 9 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School

It has been argued that extracurricular activities are not very important in school life. But, encouraging children to participate in activities outside of the classroom deepen their social and intellectual growth. So, today, many schools give more importance to extracurricular activities. Lakshya, the best CBSE school in Kakinada is one among them that offers students

10 Ways To Make Kids Happy and Learning During Lockdown

As children are staying at home due to lockdown, a sub-crisis has risen to parents. But, what will kids do all day? Therefore, this is the time for you to find ways to smoothly transition your kids into a stay at home life. Are you wondering how? No worries. To avoid the spread of novel

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