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Learning by doing is the most effective way of learning. The school provides the most modern labs which are continually upgraded.

Theory is incomplete without practical. One needs to completely get involved in the various practical experiments whether it be Chemistry, Biology or Physics, to get a thorough knowledge and understanding of what had been taught in the theory class.

Labs are neatly arranged with a view to a fresh approach. When a student walks in, the Lab assistant and the teacher both assist him/her in understanding and undertaking experiments.

LIS aims to ensure that every student strengthens his / her knowledge of theory with lively practicals which will be remembered for ever


Importance of English language in this age of globalization cannot be overstated. It is also necessary to acquire proficiency in English at an early age, so that the challenges of tomorrow can be handled with confidence. Language laboratory is an audio-visual installation used in modern teaching methods to learn the foreign languages. The language lab is a technological break for imparting skills in English. The language lab offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient to enrich the English language learning process. The multimedia-based language lab helps to learn and enhance the language proficiency by sharing the course materials within a second where the teacher and the students involved effortlessly. The language lab is developed on the methodology LSRW skills. Language lab is the solution and need of the hour to learn the English language. The quality of the language proficiency will be more when they learn it from the multimedia, digital and computerized Language Lab.

The program has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade so that the understanding of the language and its fundamentals get imbibed in a fun and interesting environment. It offers the best modules in terms of Continuous evaluation, Content, Teaching expertise and Methodology.


Mathematics Laboratory is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials.These activities may be carried out by the teacher or the student to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop a favourable attitude towards mathematics.

The objective of a mathematics laboratory is to:

  • Remove the weaknesses of present-day mathematics education.
  • To develop the much needed confidence in students.
  • To generate interest in the subject.
  • To make the students divergent thinkers.
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