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Sports Education Programme

Sports Education Programme
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Both outdoor physical activity and indoor classroom time are important for kids growth and development. LIS provides students with the education they need to have a successful career, and physical activity gives them a chance to stay healthy. LIS emphasizes the development of Knowledge, attitudes and skills related to a range of physical and health-related activities. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that children get 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Through school sports education program students will

  • Learn about body control and spatial Awareness
  • Master new skills and techniques in a variety of physical activities
  • Manipulate sports equipment or apparatus
  • Recognize the importance of fair play
  • Understand how strategies can assist when participating in physical activities
  • Use co-operative behaviors in order to function as part of a group or team
  • Use proper safety precautions when engaging in physical activities.

LIS offers age-specific full development physical education program. We believe that a healthy mindset resides in a healthy body. The emphasis on the program is to keep the students active as possible, to help improve fitness and to learn sports and activities which they can use throughout their lives. Active participation in sports instills a number of positive character traits that will stand students in good stead for a lifetime. Anger Management, Concentration, Healthy Lifestyle, Motor Skills, Responsibility, Social Bonding, Teamwork, Commitment, Good Sportsmanship, Resilience, Competitive spirit are a few that helps a student be an allrounder.

Lakshya provides adequate fitness opportunities for students along with safe and challenging playground equipment. We provide Lakshyans with various sports facilities where they discover their strengths and weakness and can develop their skills with the help of well-trained coaches.

Our campus is facilitated by various sports and fitness activity centers for children to learn and emerge themselves in their sports corners. We encourage students to participate in all types of sports activities. Every Lakshyan is trained in long jump, Javelin Throw, shot put, swimming, cricket, football, basketball, athletics, yoga, lezumes, chess, snookers, and caroms.


The basis of sports education or physical education starts in school and thus SEP (Sports education Programme) is a curriculum and instruction model designed specially to impart physical education programmes at the Pre Primary, Primary, middle and high school level. It aims to provide children and youth with authentic and enjoyable sports experience. Sports education always complements academic learning as it develops the overall personality of the students greatly. A good sportsman is the one who learns to obey the rules of the game. We strongly believe that education is not just academics but extends to a holistic development of a child, and sports plays a vital role in it.

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