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Conceived to explore and optimize the creativity in every child, the LIS Arts Program for primary and secondary School enhances students impressions of the world they live in through the language of arts in a comprehensive, engaging way. In this process, they continuously sharpen and their powers of observation, imagination, and out-of the-box thinking. Students at LIS are creative problem-solvers, expressing important ideas that can instigate positive change. Art is a process of trial and error, exploration and investigation into a wide range of cultures, history, media and techniques. It is hard work, yet very rewarding.

For IB: Its IB counterpart goes far beyond, encouraging students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. There is a strong focus on the development of analytical skills in problem-solving, and experimentation with a wide range of contemporary practices and media.

For CBSE: In order to make works of art, students need to acquire a range of skills and certain knowledge. It is essential for students to be engaged in meaningful, open-ended, art-making activities that enable them to express personal feelings, experiences and ideas, as well as develop the skills to use art tools, materials and techniques that are appropriate for their grade. Lakshya focuses primarily on all the above areas and also the development of observation, exploration and technical skills.

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