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Faculty Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme
 \  Faculty Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme

  • Start

    9:00 am - March 20, 2018

  • End

    6:00 pm - March 22, 2018

The mantra of an effective teacher-“Whatever we do for the good of children entrusted to our care”

Mr. Madhav Rao says learning is a lifelong process. A teacher is no longer the source of knowledge. Teachers should change the teaching strategies according to the child’s ability. Allow the child to think critically and come up with his/her own opinion rather than given by someone. He asks teaching staff to emphasize on skills development rather than content. Values can be taught along with the subject instead of teaching separately. He also emphasized on Multiple Intelligence.

How do we understand multiple intelligences? Identifying MI and giving opportunities as per the student interest. He taught designing an MI lesson. He discussed learning styles and strategies, understanding pupils’ learning styles.

Finally, the three-day session was concluded with the 5E Lesson Plan. The session was helpful for the professional development of the faculty.

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