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How Lakshya prepare students to be a global citizen

How Lakshya prepare students to be a global citizen
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How Lakshya prepare students to be a global citizen

We are living in an increasingly interconnected world where local and global affairs intertwined with advanced technological improvements. This technological advancement has been changing the perspective of our thinking process, the way we access information, interact and learn collaboratively.

These changes are increasing every day by bringing us in more intense contact with each other, which in result making the world a global village in terms of social and culture. Therefore, it is time to prepare students to live in such an integrated world by contributing to the development of global society.

What is global education?

A global education system is one that incorporates learning about the cultures, geographies, histories, and current issues of the world’s regions. Global education develops a student’s skill to engage with their global community and highlights actions students can take as citizens of the world.

The perspective of global education involves taking things by considering the needs and views from a macro-level viewpoint. The school needs to help the students to take responsibility for their actions and see themselves as global citizens for a more sustainable world.

Why global education?

Global learning is vital in this 21 st century as the barriers between the people and nation are continually changing.

Global education aims at a holistic perspective in education to help students understand the processes of today’s world and develop attitudes, knowledge, and skills that enable them to face the challenges of this interconnected world.

The main purpose of global education is to have a shared international ethic and specifically with global competence. Therefore, parents need to help their children to:

  • Explore their own culture, make comparisons, and investigate global issues.
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills that demand perspective-taking and research skills.
  • Develop awareness of cultural diversity and global challenges

This helps in shaping students and develop their attitude towards a single-world ecosystem by overcoming issues like leadership, cooperation, and ingenuity.

Lakshya, one of the best schools in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh is striving hard to develop the curricula with the global content, themes, and experiences that are determined to build global competence.

How Lakshya assist students to become global citizens?

Global education aims to develop self-awareness of one’s own identity, culture, beliefs, and how to connect with the wider world. With this view, Lakshya supports students by following the ways mentioned below to become global citizens.

  • Discussion about the global crisis

Our educators engage students in a classroom environment and clarifying their doubts by conversing with them about crucial matters that are happening in and around the world.

  • Use of technology

Technology has become an important resource in the current field of education that fosters global education. Students can easily know the trends in technology beyond their classroom learnings that help students to learn in a transformative way.

  • Actively gains knowledge

By providing students with additional resources, teachers are fostering their intellectual thinking and enabling them to be global citizens. Educators are engaging students to understand the concept in a flexible, creative, and proactive approach by exploring and sparking curiosity to know about the world.

  • Using learn-think-act approach

This is an amazing opportunity to teach students about global citizenship and making them responsible by acting upon world issues. Through this approach, our students are motivated to learn and consider issues from a wider viewpoint by getting an in-depth analysis of the consequences of the problems.

Lakshya, one of the top schools in Kakinada, AP  helps in creating dynamic leaders of tomorrow by developing students to understand world issues. Global education is a part of the curriculum in Lakshya to inculcate the right mindset and foster global conversation.

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