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Tips that help your Child to Grow into an Independent Thinker

Tips that help your Child to Grow into an Independent Thinker
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Tips that help your Child to Grow into an Independent Thinker

The purpose of education should not remain as the passing of knowledge from one source to the other. Instead, it should have the ability to give students the capacity to think independently and critically. 

At Lakshya,  one of the best schools in Kakinada, we believe that it is imperative for each student to be able to think on their own without having a shadow of ideas that comes across in daily life. Independent thinking skills for children are at the leading position of learning how to be not only a great thinker but also a great leader.

Even if the idea appears to be weird on the first hand, individuality must be encouraged to support the talents. After all, it is the independence of thinking that lies in the true spirit of freedom. This is the reason that we strongly feel the need to raise kids as independent thinkers.

Lakshya, the top international school in Andhra Pradesh has listed some of the ways that can be immensely helpful in rearing up the kids in the right way so as to enable them to think independently.

1. Have a routine discussion with your child

Allow your child to speak up as it is important that they first learn to overcome the mental barriers and then gather enough courage to say what they feel like. If a kid is allowed to speak freely, it makes them free from the fear of resistance and encourages the young mind to think its own way.

2. Inculcating reading habits

Reading is the best possible way to connect with oneself as well as with the world out there. The more   kids read , the more they are aware of words, situations, emotions, stories, and characters. Let your kid analyze the story and depict the situation and understand the difference between good and bad in the story, that will guide them in the future.

3. Be a good listener

When your kids speak  to you about even regular things, pay complete attention and never discourage them. This will make children feel its importance and would propel them  to get into further discussions, sometimes even at the cost of storming their brain for new ideas to be added to the conversations.

4. Let you kid find the solution

Whenever your kids face a problem and come to you for help, extend your assistance but do not show them  the way to solve it, rather, suggest they find a solution by putting individual efforts. This would not only help kids grow wiser but will also help them to decide over things when in trouble, capacitating kids to handle grave situations without any help in the future.

5. Ask your child to write

Suggest your kid to write down their experiences, stories, opinions and much more that they can   put into words. This habit of writing down  often turns out to be a game-changer in making a person think critically and independently. If your  little one is not feeling comfortable to speak up all the time, writing down could be a great way to encourage innovative thinking as well.

6. Let them make mistakes

Most of the kids learn through trials and errors, but sometimes, they feel afraid to make a mistake or to fail. However, spoon-feeding and protecting your kids from making mistakes are not helpful in developing their independent thinking skills. Allow them to  fail and encourage them to try again until they figure it out.

7. Allow opposing views

Allow your kids to disagree with your ideas and let them explain their reasoning, as long as they remain positive and respectful. It is crucial that kids should be allowed to develop their own ideas about topics that are important to them. So, make sure that you encourage healthy debate whenever possible such as at dinner time or bedtime.

At Lakshya, ranked as the best international school in Kakinada, AP we believe that every child is unique with the capacity to think separately from each other. The same potential of thinking should be encouraged by parents at home and teachers at school.

Every activity held at Lakshya International School  has been planned out in a way to encourage the students to participate and contribute to the best of their potential, without bothering about the result.

We are proud to state that with our state-of-the-art approaches and pedagogy, Lakshya has remained successful in producing several smart and skilled independent thinkers.

For more information, Visit Lakshya International School, Kakinada.

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