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Tips to Encourage Reading Habits in children

Tips to Encourage Reading Habits in children
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Tips to Encourage Reading Habits in children

Reading is one of the most important skills children need to learn to be successful. Not only do good reading skills benefit students academically but also develop skills required for lifelong success. 

But sadly, many of today’s kids prefer to watch TV or play video games rather than reading a book. This might be because modern parents don’t focus on encouraging reading habits in their children’s daily routine.

Nurturing a love of reading in children can be a difficult task for parents, but with the proper use of the right techniques, they can easily turn their reluctant child into a book reader. Inculcating reading habits in kids is of great importance and should not be missed from early childhood.

Lakshya, one of the best international schools in Kakinada, here suggests different ways of learning that encourage good reading habits in kids.

1. Read to your children early

To help your child understand the importance of reading, you should start reading stories, bedtime stories from an early age. Start the routine with some short stories, this will foster a love of new words and help develop a reading habit in kids.

2. Read what interests to your child

Instead of forcing your children to read what you like, encourage them to read something they have a keen interest in. No matter if it is a newspaper, poetry, fiction, comic books, non-fiction, or any other reading material, let your child do what they want.

3. Surround your child with Books

Children who grow up with reading material all around them help learn to love reading earlier than those who grow up without essential reading resources. Filling your home with lots of books, make your child ready to get reading even if it is only for a few minutes.

4. Set a reading routine

If you want to develop a love for reading in your children, it is essential to encourage them to read at a specific time every day. Be it after school, just after dinner, or before bedtime, set up a comfortable reading time for your child and follow it strictly.

5. Keep asking questions

To keep your children hooked on the book they are reading, ask them some relevant questions and encourage them to ask the same questions from you. Remember, the more questions you ask your children, the more their love for reading will grow.

6. Show your love of reading to your kids

Talk to your children about your favorite books and explain why you love those books. As children imitate parents, showing your little ones your love of reading will help them better understand why books are essential to their daily lives.

7. Set Challenges and Rewards

Set a reading goal for your child, and if they achieve it, reward them with something they need. It could be anything that motivates your child to read more. For example, if your children read  for one hour every day, offer them their favorite delicacy.

8. Be a role model

To instill a love of reading in your kids, be an avid reader and try reading  in front of them. Read whatever you like – a newspaper, a magazine, a novel, or a cookbook, but make your child realize that you love reading and learning new things.

9. Gift them books

If you want to give your children something special that could develop a love of reading in them, there is nothing better than a book. Give their favorite books as gifts as it is one of the best ways to foster reading habits in your kids.

Use these tips to get your children interested in reading so they can become better learners. To learn more tips that help kids improve their performance, keep following Lakshya International School, Kakinada. 

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