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10 Tips for Parenting Smart Kids

10 Tips for Parenting Smart Kids
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10 Tips for Parenting Smart Kids

In this competitive world, parents are often worried whether their children are intelligent enough or not and if they can do anything that helps for a child’s intellectual development. Childhood is the stage where the brain develops quickly, so the right amount of stimulation at an early age enhances a child’s mental capabilities.

Lakshya International school believes that the way parents interact with their child has a huge impact on how smart a child becomes. As a parent, making your kids smart and preparing them for their path into the individual world is one of the greatest achievements you can make.

With that in mind, Lakshya, the best international school in Kakinada offers some good parenting tips which aims in helping you to raise your child to grow smart and intelligent.

10 Tips for Parenting smart kids

Wishing to raise your child into smart, dynamic and appealing personality? Below are some of the suggestions.


1. Talk to your child

Communication is the key skill that is essential to increase the intelligence of your kid. It also helps your child to bond better with you and develop self-esteem and confidence. Try to encourage your child to improve communication skills by involving them in verbal activities. Also, ask open-end questions and wait for their responses which will help kids develop opinions and individuality.


2. Be open, affectionate and make your kid feel loved.

Research studies have shown that,  loving, cuddling, interacting and playing with your children will have a strong effect in developing their intelligence. Also, a secure kid tends to be highly confident and be open-minded to the problems and challenges in their future life. The love and affection between you and your child help them enhance their thinking skills. So, provide your children with a secure base environment to explore the world and become smart kids.


3. Allow your child to take risks and fail

As a parent, you might have a tendency to protect your child from feeling upset. But, Lakshya, top international school in Kakinada explains that kids who don’t take risks and experience failure can develop low-esteem and get discouraged. Encouraging your child taking risks and failing will teach them fundamental life skills from their childhood. Teach your child that failure is not actually a bad thing but a great life skill that allows them to make smart decisions.


4. Encourage Exercise

Do you know that exercise is crucial for your kids’ intellectual development? Physical exercise not only make your kids stronger and healthier, but it also makes your kids smart. Regular exercise has many mental benefits including the flow of blood to the brain and building brain cells. Physical activity can also help your kids cope with stress and promotes better self-esteem, healthy growth and development.


5. Encourage your kids curiosity

Children are naturally curious, but that curiosity can be fade out as they grow older if it’s not practiced and encouraged. Stimulate your kids’ curiosity by providing them plenty of opportunities to explore and discover new things. Engage them in topics that are of personal interest to them so they are motivated, keep developing their skills and become smart kids.


6. Allow your kids to get bored

Boredom actually seems like a negative thing but experts say that it helps your kids encourage their ability to think and become creative. It is also said that children learning to get bored is a part of preparing themselves for adulthood. Make your child learn to enjoy quiet reflection which gives the mind space to think and create activities.


7. Let your child see you doing smart things

Learning from an adult’s behavior is one of the major ways your child pick up the habit. If your child sees you engaged in reading books, writing, making music or doing anything creative may help them to follow you and become smarter in the process. It is very important to let your child hear you talk about achievements from hard work to become smarter.


8. Teach your kids to have a growth mindset

We at Lakshya say parents to encourage their kids to see learning as the process of becoming smarter and better at something, instead of having fixed intelligence. So, when children presented with hard tasks, they would see them as opportunities for growth, instead of seeing themselves as failures.


9. Limit your kids’ use of Technology

Using technology is not that bad, but of course, it should be in moderation. The only negative effect of technology is that children become lazy when it comes to things that should be done manually. Limiting screen time and making your child focusing on hands-on activities will stimulate them to become smarter and develop their intelligence.


10. Set high expectations on your child

Studies have shown that expectations that parents hold for their kids have a huge effect on kids intellectual development. This is because, when parents set comprehensive goals for their children from an early age, children are likely to see the goals as important and achievable. However, parents should have realistic aspirations to foster and enhance a child’s self-esteem and intellectual growth.

Remember, there is a constant need to raise your kids to keep updated with the developing world. So Lakshya, the top international school in Kakinada suggest following these simple smart parenting tips can make your kids bright and dynamic human beings.

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