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Children’s safety and security is Lakhya’s top proiority

Children’s safety and security is Lakhya’s top proiority
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Children’s safety and security is Lakhya’s top proiority

Searching for the best school for your kid? Then school safety is the first and crucial thing to consider. School safety is crucial to protect your children from abuse or violence, bullying, and harassment.

A safe learning environment also ensures overall development, and children who are taught in a secure environment are less likely to develop risky behavior. Lakshya, one of the best schools in Kakinada, here explains more about the benefits of a safe environment and school security.


Why is school safety important?

Keeping schools safe and secure helps children look forward to being in an encouraging environment that promotes social and creative learning. When the basic safety needs at school are not provided, children cannot focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education.

Children who feel unsafe in the classroom perform worse academically, negatively affecting their test scores. Therefore, the issue of school safety is a major concern at all levels of education. 

So, we at Lakshya, the best international school in Kakinada, are taking steps to create a safe learning environment that impacts a child’s future.


How does Lakshya improve children’s safety and security?

A safe environment at school is a prerequisite for student learning. Here are the five school safety procedures that Lakshya follows to ensure student safety and school security. 


1. Physical safety

Keeping the school environment safe and secure is essential, including school buildings, premises, playgrounds, laboratories, and libraries. Most importantly, school buildings should be built strong, and so our building is designed and constructed in such a way to be more resilient to hazards.

2. Psychological safety

Just as the physical safety of students in school, it is important to ensure their psychological safety too. Children who are victims of violence can develop the symptoms of depression, disassociative reactions, and lack of emotional intelligence. So, our staff is trained to understand key indicators of child abuse and be prepared to respond to children’s inappropriate behavior.

3. Transportation safety

Transportation is another important thing to consider when looking for school safety. CBSE has made it mandatory for all the school buses to install GPS systems to ensure the safe transportation of children to and from schools. Lakhysa also provides well-conditioned school buses that help parents keep updated on their kid’s location and manage their time.

4. Background verification of school staff

When hiring teachers, administrators, and other school staff, conducting pre-employment background checks for student safety is good. It helps schools screen people who stay close to students within school premises. Lakshya also verifies staff members with the factors including residence and past employment and checks for any criminal records.

5. Visitors management system

A school visitor management system is highly recommended to consider students’ security and safety. Generic handwritten slips for visitors will not record and analyze the information. Therefore, Lakshya uses a digital visitor management system with visitor sign-in information and photo ID to increase safety and security.

Effective school safety measures are as important as high-quality education and should be integrated into school planning and strategy. Lakshya hopes that the above list of benefits of school safety helps you while choosing the top school in Andhra Pradesh.

Give your child a fruitful career with Lakshya. Admissions are open! For more details, please visit Lakshya International School, Kakinada.

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