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Lakshya teaches the Benefits of sports for children

Lakshya teaches the Benefits of sports for children
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Lakshya teaches the Benefits of sports for children

Is your child keen on pursuing sports? Lakshya, the best international school, explains why you should encourage kids to play sports and how sports will benefit them in the long run. 

Only work and not playing sports make Jack a dull boy. You might have heard this saying often. But have you ever wondered how exactly encouraging sports help your child’s overall development? Studies suggest that sports and games are important for children’s physical development and their mental well-being and growth. 

Playing games also increases a child’s academic performance and teaches them important life skills, says Lakshya, one of the best international schools. Here are three ways in which sports contribute to your child’s holistic development.


Academic benefits of sports

Researchers found that playing sports helps brain growth and makes it work better. Lakshya explains some more academic benefits of sports that include:


  • Builds stamina

Playing sports benefits children by giving them the necessary physical exercise to develop stamina, making them less sluggish and more active. Their ability to study for long hours also increases.

  • Help focus

Excelling in any sport requires single-minded dedication. Also, achieving any target, such as goal setting or shooting an arrow, requires concentration. Your child will spend all the time and thoughts mastering the skills and being better in the game. Once children learn to focus, they will be able to concentrate more on their studies.

  • Teaches hard work

Practice, practice, and more practice – this is the success mantra taught to any sportsperson.  It means that success comes from only practice and hard work. This teaches children that playing sports improves their academic performance and be able to work toward bigger academic goals.


Emotional benefits of sports

Physical exercise (by playing sports) reduces stress hormones in the body. At the same time, it keeps anxiety and depression away. Here is a list of some more emotional benefits of sports.


  • Boosts self-esteem

Self-esteem is an important skill that helps children cope with mistakes. Your child will develop healthy self-esteem by being a part of competitive sports. This is because winning sports and the appreciation act as a great confidence booster.

  • Builds the capacity to recover from toughness

When children start participating in playing competitive sports, they are bound to face failures and success. This will make children mentally and emotionally resilient and help them face various setbacks in life.

  • Make them aim higher

Sports infuse a spirit of healthy competition in children as they put great efforts to achieve success by sharpening their skills. With this, your child will learn not to settle for anything but the best. So, Lakshya believes that playing sports boosts motivation and confidence levels in children.


Social benefits

Playing sports improves social skills along with promoting physical health. Lakshya, the top international school, outlined some social benefits of sports that include:


  • Teaches team spirit

Playing in a team and trying to win for the team will teach children to be unselfish. Children put their efforts to win for the team and will do what is best collectively for the group rather than for them individually. This is a very important skill to learn to be successful in life.

  • Enhances leadership skills

Looking for ways to enhance creativity in children? Then encourage them to participate in sports. Yes. While team sports require a team effort, children can enhance creativity and leadership skills. Being a part of a team and organizing a team is enough to take responsibility and build the courage to make decisions with confidence.

  • Stronger relationships

Lakshya states that playing sports can enhance relationship skills in children. Because of the social aspect of sports, kids learn how to handle themselves better in social situations. Also, playing sports develops a sense of mutual trust and friendship among people, which allows your kids to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Encouraging children to excel in sports will help them learn all these essential life skills. And, playing sports will also help them stay fit and active, explains Lakshya, the best international school in Kakinada

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