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Ways to enhance creativity in children

Ways to enhance creativity in children
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Ways to enhance creativity in children

There is nothing more satisfying for children than to be able to express themselves, right? So, creativity is one of the most important skills that should be instilled in children. It helps to enhance your child’s natural curiosity and create their own journey of exploration and discovery. What’s more, it’s great fun!

When children participate in the creative arts it also promotes their language skills, social and intellectual development. However, without encouragement, as children grow they commonly have less confidence in their artistic abilities and may miss out on development opportunities.

Therefore, encouraging children to be creative helps them to become more confident of their views and opinions. There are many ways in which you can support your children to express their creativity. Lakshya, one of the best schools in Kakinada listed some ways to encourage creativity in children.


  • Encourage problem-solving skills

Learning the skills to solve problems not only helps stimulate your child’s creativity but also helps them build confidence as well. By finding different ways to solve a problem, your child will learn the building blocks of critical-thinking skills that come along with practicing problem-solving.

  • Provide free time and space

One of the most important things you can do to encourage your child’s creativity is to give them uninterrupted time and space. This is because children need the freedom to get involved in some creative or constructive play, discover a problem, and work through solutions.

  • Encourage children to read

Limit screen time for your kids to develop creative hobbies like reading as it encourages thought activity which promotes creativity. Reading can help your kids understand and express themselves better, develop their logical thinking skills, and help them to focus on learning new things.

  • Get them right toys

Not all toys and games are created equal. There are some tops whose primary function is to entertain, and others are designed to foster creative thinking and imaginative play. Puzzles, molding clay, and building blocks are good choices for kids since these toys allow for free play that provides ample opportunity for imaginative role-playing.

  • Ask their opinions

Young children can demonstrate their creative skills in solving real-world problems, too. You can help them develop this skill by soliciting their opinions and ideas on real-life things like how best to rearrange the furniture in their room. This allows kids to practice critical thinking and lets them know their views and ideas.

  • Play with your child

Work and play with your child to establish dramatic play scenarios, using substitute items and tools for properties when needed. This kind of pretend play allows for children to imagine their life from a different perspective, which is an important building block of developing creativity in children.

  • Engage in storytelling

To encourage your child’s creativity, try to effectively involve children more in the storytelling process. You need to look at the creative play in which your children now participate, or think back to your own childhood and consider how you brought an image story to life.

Here at Lakshya, one of the top schools in Kakinada, Ap we offer a range of activities that encourage creativity and thoughtful expression of opinions. We support children in their decisions and passions to enable them to feel comfortable in demonstrating their creativity.

Are you interested to know more ways about your child’s overall development? Opt Lakshya School, one of the best international schools in India.

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