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Why Lakshya is the best school in Kakinada for your child

Why Lakshya is the best school in Kakinada for your child
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Why Lakshya is the best school in Kakinada for your child

Are you searching for the best school in Kakinada? Then, Lakshya International School is the right choice to enroll your child. Here is why.

In this fast-growing digital world, the change of pace in education is remarkable. Hence shaping the education to meet the current requirements is necessary. With this view, Lakshya, the top CBSE international school in Kakinada has empowered advanced learning methodology in the education system that helps students foster all-around development.

We at Lakshya offer new-age education that focuses on English medium education, strong problem-solving skills, cognitive development, and creativity. These skills help children engage in an enthusiastic pursuit of learning new ideas and become lifelong learners.

Our aim is to fuse the traditional education system with the most modern technological tools -says Mr. Satyaki Benerjee, the principal of Lakshya, the best international school in Kakinada.


Here are the reasons why Lakshya is the best choice for your child


1. Safe Environment

Having schools in a safe and interactive environment is a key factor for students’ overall health and safety. So, Lakkshya offers a safe water supply, sanitation, good lighting, violence prevention, etc. for a healthy environment.

2. Infrastructure

Education infrastructure includes suitable spaces to learn is the basic element for children to learn and improve their interest in learning. In line with this, Lakshya offers a good infrastructure with a spacious and refurbished building to enhance students’ academic performance.

3. Digital classrooms

Integrating some forms of technology in the classroom can make teaching and learning more effective. Thus, Lakshya facilitates digital classroom processes that include web-based learning, computer-based learning, and digital collaboration that encourages individual learning.

4. Laboratories

School labs are a great place for students which helps them enhance their learning by exploring the concepts. Our well-designed science labs, language labs, mathematical labs, etc at Lakshya helps students cultivate a deeper interest in the field and strengthen their knowledge.

5. Library

Reading is one of the delightful ways that develop a student’s vocabulary and enhance comprehension. To foster reading habits in children, Lakshya provides a huge library with various books, printed and digital materials that help students improve reading and literacy skills, and develop confidence.

6. Large playground

School playgrounds and playtime are very important to children for their fun, relaxation, and physical growth. Lakshya, ranked as the top international school in Andhra Pradesh, has a vast playground offering many outdoor and indoor games.

7. Extracurricular activities

There are a number of benefits of extracurricular activities for students to improve their social skills and higher self-esteem. Therefore, apart from academics, music, dance and art are given equal importance at Lakshya. Besides this, we encourage students to choose a club activity of their interest.

8. Field trips

School field trips are educational activities that help facilitate fast and effective learning. So, instead of learning in the classrooms, we at Lakshya, the top school in AP, is making an effort to offer creative education to students through educational field trips.

9. Career guidance

Career guidance at schools provides students the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions for a successful transition from school to further education. Lakshya focuses on students’ interests and strengths and promotes career counseling opportunities to point students in the right direction.

10. Project-based learning

The project works in schools provide opportunities for students to collaborate their own learning and teach them problem-solving skills. So, Lakshya aims at project-based learning to synthesize knowledge from various areas of learning and creatively apply it to real-life solutions.

Lakshya, the top international school in Kakinada has set incredible education standards. Our students are motivated to challenge their hidden potential and grow up into successful individuals. Our academic curriculum is combined with many facilities that naturally bring out the best in every child.

Choose Lakshya international school and see your little one emerge strong, confident, and victorious!

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