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Top 9 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School

Top 9 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School
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Top 9 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School

It has been argued that extracurricular activities are not very important in school life. But, encouraging children to participate in activities outside of the classroom deepen their social and intellectual growth. So, today, many schools give more importance to extracurricular activities. Lakshya, the best CBSE school in Kakinada is one among them that offers students the opportunity to expand their interests and skills.

However, what are extracurricular activities and why they are important? Lakshya explains the benefits that come from being involved in activities that fall outside of the regular curriculum.

Extracurricular activities are those activities that are not the components of the academic curriculum but an integral part of the educational environment. These extracurricular activities include sports, drama, music, etc help to develop creativity and artistic talents among children.

Top 9 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School


Here are key benefits for students who participate in extracurricular activities.


1.  Improved Academic Performance

Several studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities have a marked improvement in academic grades. This is because children participating in activities they are interested in can increase their brain function that helps to concentrate and get higher grades.

2.  Social Opportunities

Being part of a group with extracurricular activities offers an opportunity for children to interact with others with similar interests. This also expand their social network and potentially build friendships out of their usual circle.+


3.  Higher self-esteem

Lakshya, one of the top international schools believe that extracurricular activities can keep children afloat with positive self-esteem. When children achieve success through the activities they are passionate about, their self-confidence will improve.

4.  Learn Time Management

Through extracurricular activities, children learn important skills such as leadership and time management skills. When children participate in extra-curricular activities, they try to balance between academic workload and their own interests. This will help children learn time management skills and prioritizing work.

5.   Look good on resumes

Success in activities outside the academic curriculum is great to include on a resume as evidence of well-rounded interests and skills. For example, if children were on a debating team, the employers would know that they work well with others and can argue professionally on a point, which are awesome skills to have in the workplace.

6.  Learn essential life skills

One of the top benefits of extracurricular activities is that children learn important skills that include goal setting, teamwork, critical thinking, and public speaking. Moreover, children who participate in extracurricular activities help them overcome peer pressure related problems.

7.  Enhances the sense of commitment

Lakshya explains that extracurricular activities are the best way to develop the ability to fulfill commitments. Students who participate in activities beyond the academic curriculum dedicate their time and manage the school work as well as co-curricular works. This improves their sense of commitment which helps them in the long run.

8.  Introduction to new views

Students who engage in extracurricular activities are exposed to new activities and also allow them to explore an interest in more depth. These activities can also provide a chance for children to broaden their perspective of the world, particularly those involved in volunteering and service programs.

9.  Personal growth and development

Research studies suggest that extracurricular activities, help children learn to take care of their friends. However, children develop this attitude gradually with time because in extra-curricular activities they get a chance to be involved in a team with their peers. Moreover, children learn sharing and caring, all at once.

Lakshya, the top international school in Kakinada always has a child’s cognitive development and happiness in mind. We focus on caring for children academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. Contact us at Lakshya International School and learn more about our academic program.

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