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How to Encourage and reward good behavior in children – Lakshya

How to Encourage and reward good behavior in children – Lakshya
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How to Encourage and reward good behavior in children – Lakshya

Good and positive behaviour in children helps develop social skills that benefit them throughout their lives. With this view, Lakshya, one of the best international schools in Kakinada focuses on helping parents to encourage good behaviour in children that creates a positive atmosphere and changes negative behaviour. Let us see how children should be encouraged to develop good behaviour and positive habits.

Behaviour is the way in which one acts especially towards others. As a parent don’t you want this mirror to reflect the best of your child?

In fact, teaching the significance of good behaviour to your child is a basic part of their overall development. However, the way we teach them will determine how well children will implement it in their lives.

Tips to encourage and reward good behavior in children

Want to ensure your child exhibits good behaviour and wondering how to go about it? Here are some simple ways.

  1. Tell them why

    Instead of asking children to do something, telling them why they should do make a huge difference that results in their positive development.

  2. Be a role model

    Generally, parents are their children’s first teachers. Young children or toddlers often do what they see their parents do. Therefore, try to become the kind of idol your child would want to follow.

  3. Reinforce

    Reminding them to do something (more than once) helps them understand that certain things are important. For example, if your children have difficulty saying “Thank you” then encourage them to say these words when the opportunity arises.

  4. Don’t force a good behaviour

    Forcing a postie behaviour upon children may have a bad influence in the long term. They may begin to hate learning positive behaviour because of the pressure you put on them.

  5. Teach them about consequences

    With rewards, punishments may also come that help children understand why they have been punished for not doing something considered good.

  6. Help them decide their future

    Want your kids to use their own knowledge to arrive at solutions and decisions? Ask your children questions that will help them think over their behaviour.

  7. Check Regularly

    Keep checking regularly if your child is following your requests for certain positive behaviours. Change your teaching method if one method doesn’t work, but don’t give up. Sooner or later your children will definitely be filled with positive behaviour.

  8. Teach through real-life scenarios

    Does your child have a habit of tearing books despite repeated warnings? Or destroying plants? Take them to libraries and explain the importance of books and tell them how plants help us in many ways.

Looking for expert tips on parenting? Keep following Lakshya International School, the top school in Kakinada.

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