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Entrepreneurship education for students at Lakshya

Entrepreneurship education for students at Lakshya
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Entrepreneurship education for students at Lakshya

Parents and educators often wonder – are they doing enough for children to be independent and be prepared for the future? Are they really challenged enough to go above and beyond? The answer to these questions is a learning environment that is dynamic and relevant enough to prepare children for opportunities ahead.

Today, complex skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, innovative thinking, and collaboration have become essential for every job. These skills can be very conveniently integrated under entrepreneurial learning as it gives children access to the advanced skills essential for the future success of this generation.

Entrepreneurship education develops attitudes, and skills wrapping a wide range of skills such as idea generation, start-up growth, and creativity in children. It is a lifelong learning process that can start as early as elementary level and continue through all levels of education. 

Lakshya, one of the best schools in Kakinada, here explains the reasons why schools should embed entrepreneurship education in their curriculum.


1. Preparing learners for the future

Innovative learning contributes to skills development in children like critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and flexibility which improves their future career and employability. Entrepreneurial learning falls in line with the academic curriculum and helps students towards success.

2. Promoting creativity and collaboration

Integrating these skills into the curriculum could make entrepreneurship less of an idea and more of a viable possibility for students.  It helps students to think beyond the ordinary and nurture their unconventional talents and skills. Students can also learn critical life skills like rational thinking, various business strategies time, and money management that promote innovation and creativity.

3. Being a Job creator, not a Jobseeker

An entrepreneur has the power to transform the world through innovation and the introduction of new technologies, products, and services. They build a society that is richer, adept, and technically advanced.  Exposing children to innovation helps them understand the potential of being an entrepreneur.

4. Aligning with all job skills

Incorporating entrepreneurial skills into education is about inspiring students to start up their own company, and instilling qualities of creativity, passion, innovation, and confidence in them. Entrepreneurial education helps children to acquire distinctive traits that help in career-making as early as possible.

Considering this, Lakshya, one of the top international schools in Andhra Pradesh has undertaken numerous programs to promote these skills. By integrating this skill set into our curriculum, we can develop an ecosystem that promotes rational thinking and analytical skills that are essential for them to strive for success in the 21st century.

Looking for the best school in Kakinada to enhance thinking skills in your child? Opt for Lakshya International School. Admissions open!

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