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Inquiry-based learning at Lakshya international school

Children are very anxious and curious about the world around them. One of the most important things educators can do is to encourage curiosity in the students, build upon it and teach the students to ask questions. If nurtured and developed, this can result in the generation of students engaged in inquiry-based learning for investing the world around them.

Inquiry-based learning in schools, which can start as early as preschool and pre-kindergarten is one way in which educators can provide the foundation skills for critical thinking and problem-solving.

As one of the top international schools in AP, we understand that parents have a lot of questions about how inquiry-based learning is different in international schools.

At Lakshya international school we have developed our own authentic Inquiry-Based Learning to equip students with the knowledge and understanding skills to face the challenges within the dynamic world. Our emphasis on Inquiry-Based Learning is to go beyond the data and information accumulation and move toward the generation of useful and applicable knowledge.

Our primary focus is on “how we learn” rather than “what we learn” with students actively involved in the construction of their own knowledge through active involvement. The focus shifts away from content-driven approach towards skills to discover knowledge for themselves.

What are the aims of Inquiry-Based Learning at Lakshya?

At Lakshya, we nurture and develop the students’ natural inquiring mind, helping them to become inquiry-based learners and learn how to continue learning.

The aims of Inquiry-Based Learning are to:

  1. Develop the students to raise questions and plan, research and investigate for the solutions.
  2. Enable students to take ownership of their learning and to reach their educational goals.
  3. Inquiry-based learning promotes deepen understanding to go beyond facts and content.
  4. Develop the skills needed to convert information into useful knowledge that can be applied to further learning.
  5. Students exposed to inquiry-based learning are given the opportunity to nurture their talents and passions out of the classroom.
  6. Inquiry-Based Learning helps motivate students to learn and advance their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  7. Develop research skills and enable students to enjoy the research aspect of learning both in school and on their own.
  8. Demonstrate that there are multiple perspectives for analyzing and understanding things
  9. Provide students continued learning opportunities that are more relevant to existing knowledge and future experiences.
  10. Inquiry-based learning also promotes increased connectivity to the world and the development of technology.
  11. Provide rich learning opportunities across all the domains eg. Science, Maths, Health, Technology, and Art which help students develop authentic problem-solving skills.
  12. Provide different ways of viewing the world and successfully coping with the issues in daily living.
  13. Develop research skills and help students to plan and carry out their research, come to conclusions and decide how they could make change happen.
  14. Provides a greater understanding of the place in which they live, learn, communicate and work.
  15. Encourage students to become independent and responsible learner.
  16. Children are given opportunities to present what they have learned which include presenting posters and powerpoint displays etc. to improve the self-confidence.


Inquiry-Based Learning is all about building lifetime learning skills. Thus, Lakshya, the best international school in Kakinada provides children the skills and abilities to be able to take control of their own learning and find their right path.

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