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Give your child the best start in life with Lakshya International school

Give your child the best start in life with Lakshya International school

For any parent, choosing a school for their children is one of the most important decisions they make.

Parents want to give their child the best education possible and put them on a path that leads to both success and happiness. In recent years, most parents are willing to send their children to international schools which help students gain exposure to new cultures.


Why Lakshya International school the best start?

To help make choosing the right preschool or nursery program a little easier for you, apart from the above, we wanted to outline some of the most important points that make Lakshya the best international school.

  1. At Lakshya, we follow international teaching practices and updated strategies to develop self-learning process in students.
  2. We focus on confidence and personality development activities to help students encourage inherent talents.
  3. The school is designed in a way where modern architecture blends with traditional values to raise the spirit of learning.
  4. To provide a holistic education, the school offers a warm and comforting environment (Ac classrooms), science laboratories, story Telling Room for Kindergarten students.
  5. We encourage Home Science, Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance and a Literary Club to sharpen the interests of students.
  6. The staff at Lakshya are smart and trained in international platforms who help students to find their right career path.
  7. Our topmost priority is each and every child’s health and safety in the school premises.
  8. We provide student-led conferences which help parents to understand the teaching-learning process.
  9. Students at Lakshya are also encouraged to use their knowledge to make real-life impacts beyond the classroom.
  10. We focus on best outcomes of kids academic education as the kindergarten and primary years are the foundation of your child’s education journey.
  11. Furthermore, the use of technology is also incorporated into our school’s teaching methods to encourage students to get connected with the latest technology.

Lakshya, the top international school in Kakinada make quality education accessible to every parent wanting the best education for their child. We at Lakshya believe that learning is a lifetime process and therefore we nurture our students with the culture of success from the beginning itself.

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